Equipment & Facilities


Savgard’s sputter coating system produces films with a high visibility through thin-layer coatings to beautify the natural colours of metals and through ultra precision coating technologies to produce elegant coated film surfaces. It also realizes various reflections according to the types of metals.



Savgard’s vacuumed metal coater enables the uniform deposition of films through a high precision coating technology. It produces highly stable and durable films and enables to adjust temperatures to the different melting points of various metals which were the limitation of the past deposition machines.



Savgard’s coating system includes 5 two heads coating machines that enable to cover the entire process of film production, from dye coatings on film surfaces to adhesion coating on release films. It enhances film uniformity, improves production prevision and materializes high speed coating. Through this, Savgard is producing films exported to the global markets by the minute.



PET System is the essence of Savgard’s own CHIP-DYEING technology. Savgard’s PET system produces films with a superb contractibility from high clarity PET films.


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